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(Contains Affiliate Advertising) I already am a happy owner of Froothie’s high-speed blender, the Optimum 9400. You can read my thorough review about it here.

Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review
Now I had the pleasure to test their most prestigious cold press juicer to this day – the Optimum 700 advanced cold- press juicer, which they call “THE ULTIMATE JUICE COLLECTION”. (*Affiliate Link)
At first I thought that juices is all that you can do with this appliance. But there is more! 🙂
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What is included:

  • Powerful cold press juicer
  • Three strainers – fine, smoothie and blank strainer for extra versatility
  • Tofu maker
  • Recipe book with 100 juices
  • Juice sieve for finer juice
  • Cleaning brush
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Access to expert support team
  • 24×7 support & warranty


  • Extraction Type: slow squeezing cold press
  • Speed: 40 RPM – low speed (rpm), to minimise oxidation and produce a longer lasting juice
  • Auger & Strainer Material: ULTEM
  • Jug Application: 2 jugs, 1 L each (Juice & Pulp)
  • Lifetime on Motor, 5 Years of Parts or 12 month Commercial
  • Durable state-of-the-art juicing capabilities including soft and hard fruit and veggies, vegetables, some nuts and soybeans.

My first impression:

Upon unpacking the juice I was impressed by all the extra items and the quality. You receive three different strainers, a juice sieve, a tofu maker, a cleaning brush and a juice recipe book, which is really handy when you just start out into the juicing world.
All parts seem well manufactured and sturdy. The juicer base is well designed and also seems very solid. It is available in four colours.

Getting started:

The juicer comes ready to go, set up with the fine mesh filter. Once you take it apart for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. But the handbook explains it very well and there are little marks on all parts that help assembling.
The cleaning takes a little time at first, but I quickly got the hang of it and after a few times it was quickly done.

The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Pres Juicer Test Review
It may look a little involved, but fear not! It is easier to clean and assemble than you may first think.

The sound:

The Optimum 700 cold press juicer is super quiet. I was really impressed! It only squeals a little when you press larger things like apples or beetroot chunks.

The handling:

The juicer has a switch on the back of the base that can be turned to reverse if things get stuck.
The chute has two openings, one is relatively small for chopped produce and narrow, long ingredients like green or carrots.
Then there is the special large chute which is closed by a lid. This one is big enough to place whole apples and other big fruits in it.

The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Pres Juicer Test Review
The additional extra big chute can be used for whole apples, oranges etc.

Some tips for juicing beginners:

  • Use juicing as a supplement combined with a healthy, balanced, whole food diet. Juicing can not replace a healthy diet or a meal.
  • Less is more – since juice is quite nutrient dense, you won’t need much. One to two glasses is usually all you need.
  • Focus on the greens – juice from fruits and veges like beets and carrots contains a lot of sugar, which will make your blood sugar spike, something that you want to avoid. The more green, the better.
  • Vary your greens – you can juice so many different greens, eg collard greens, kale, spinach, dandelion, beetroot tops, carrot greens, stinting nettle etc.
  • Listen to your body – if you feel light headed or dizzy after juicing, you might need to take less fruit/beets & carrots or reduce the overall amount of juice. If it doesn’t help, you might want to take a break from juicing and/or also review your diet as well as your overall health and seek help from a nutritionist if needed.
  • Keep it simple – don’t use too many different ingredients, two to three are usually enough.
  • Take it easy – start with less green & veges to help you taste buds to get used to the new flavour. Ideally you want to include as many greens as possible. Sweet juices should only be enjoyed in small amounts and as an occasional treat.
  • Try to use fresh, organic and seasonal produce whenever possible.
  • Don’t use juice only for your daily vege & fruit intake. The fiber of whole food produce is very important for a healthy digestion.

Some tips for handling of the juicer:

  • The juicer comes with a so-called mixing tap, which blocks the juice from coming out when closed. This helps to mix different juices and also reduces foam.
  • Make sure to cut veges into smaller portions and remove stringy stalks before juicing.
  • Always juice ingredients with less fibers first before using stringy and high-fiber (eg apples before kale). This reduces blocking of the pulp vent.
  • When you are finished with juicing, use a little water to wash out any leftover juice, while the machine is still running.
  • Don’t add too many ingredients at once – it can jam the juicer. I find it works best when adding them one by one.

But wait, there is more!

Besides juices, the Optimum 700 cold press juicer promises to make more. For example you are able to make your own tofu, nut-milk, nut butter and fruit sorbet. Please see below what results I had, including some recipes.



I quickly fell in love with being able to make my own juice at home. It tastes so much better and feels incredibly nourishing. Make sure to read my tips above to avoid some basic mistakes. Here are my favourite juices:
Orange & Kale Juice
Greens are so important for a healthy diet. With this tangy drink, you can sneak in some extra. You can start with less and add more as you get used to the flavour. The more greens, the better 🙂
4 to 5 kale leaves (or more)
2 to 3 small spray-free oranges (roughly peeled)
1/2 cup water (if needed)
The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review - Orange Kale Juice Recipe
Beetroot Apple Juice
Did you know? Beetroot juice is a real superstar! It is said to help lower blood pressure, help to build red blood cells and endurance. I have added some apples and little ginger for a sweeter taste. Feel free to adapt the amount of each.
1 beetroot
2-3 small apples (or one large apple)
1 small finger sized ginger piece, peeled and roughly chopped
The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review - Red Beet Apple Ginger Juice Recipe
Carrot Ginger Juice
Get a load of vitamin A & C as well as a whole lot of antioxidants with this delicious juice 🙂
2-3 carrots
1 small finger sized ginger piece, peeled
1/2 cup water (if needed)
The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review - Carrot Ginger Juice Recipe

Nut Milk

Yes, you can make nut-milk with a juicer! Use the fine filter and close the mixing tap. Then add 1 cup of soaked nuts and up to three cups of water. Let the water mix with the ‘juiced’ nuts and open the mixing tap to release the finished nut-milk. You can use the leftover nut-pulp as well 🙂

Nut Butter – If you have time and patience…

I was really impressed when I saw that this juicer is able to make nut butter. But I wondered how it could make nut butter by simply chucking some nuts down the chute.
Yeah, it isn’t that easy. You will need to use the homogenizing filter, which doesn’t separate anything. At first you end up with more of a nut flour. I sent it through the juicer twice before asking the internet on how to do it properly.
I couldn’t find any instructions for the Optimum 700 but I watched a few instructional videos of other juicer models and it basically comes down to patience and time.
You will have to send the ingredients through the juicer many times, around seven at least, in order to achieve a creamy nut-butter. If you only have a juicer, it will be the only for you to make your own nut-butter.
Should you have a high-speed blender or a powerful mini-blender, it will be faster and easier than a juicer.

The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review
It will take a little longer to create nut-butter. Otherwise you end up with nut-flour.

Frozen Fruit Sorbet

This feature really amazed me! Super easy frozen fruit sorbet, aka nice cream! Again, you will need the homogenizing filter, which doesn’t separate anything.
You can use any frozen fruit as long as it is small enough to fit into the small chute opening. I tried frozen bananas with frozen strawberries (my favourite!) as well as frozen blueberries and frozen persimmon chunks. It worked very well and it had a very creamy consistency.
Again, this is something that you can also make in a high-speed blender. Which will take less time and is easier to clean.
The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review - Banana Strawberry Nice-Cream
The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review - Banana Strawberry Nice-Cream

In a nut-shell


  • Easy to work with, easy to clean.
  • Very quiet when operating.
  • It can do more than juicing.
  • Good quality, home-made juices.
  • Perfect to add some extra nutrients to your diet.


  • Not everything that the juicer promises is as easy to make as you may think. In some cases, a high-speed blender would be a better idea.
  • In general when juicing, parts of the ingredients will get wasted, you can use the pulp in other recipes though.
  • Juicing can be expensive, because it takes a lot of produce to make a glass of juice, especially if you choose to use organic produce, which is recommended.

The Vegan Monster Optimum 700 Cold Press Juicer Test Review

*Advertising/ PR Sample: This post contains affiliate links to Froothie for the Optimum juicer By clicking onto one of those links and purchasing a product from their website, I will get paid a small commission. The price won’t change for you though. This way you support my blog. Thank you 🙂

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