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Review – Highspeed Blender Optimum G 2.1

(Contains Affiliate Advertising) Most of my recipes require a good, powerful blender. There are quite a few different brands of high-speed blenders on the market. Many years ago I purchased my first Froothie blender. You can read the review here.

Froothie Blender Optimum G2.6 Review 1

This first high-speed blender of mine was a life changer. It also a very hard working machine and I ended up replacing it a few years ago. When shown to an appliance repair service, they told me that there wasn’t much that they could do. That engines only had so many rotations until they burn out. And I surely used this blender for uncounted smoothies, cakes, ice creams, sauces and more on a daily basis.

I have used this new Optimum G 2.1 blender* for a few years and I would love to share my review with you.

Froothie Blender Optimum G2.6 Review 2
A BPA-free 2 liter blender jug comes with the blender.

What do you get?

The blender comes with a base that houses the powerful motor. The base has a LED touch pad with pre-programmed settings for easy use. A BPA-free 2 liter jug and a tamper (ideal for creations that are a little more thick, like hummus or nice cream) are included. You can also buy a 1 liter jug. Perfect for smaller amounts where the big jug is unsuitable.

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The technical facts:

    • 6 blade stainless steel assembly (wet and dry use)
    • Digital panel with speed dial and touch screen
    • 6 Pre-programmed settings
    • 10 year domestic warranty
    • UL, CE and FDA approved Eastman Copolyester BPA Free jug with lid and cap
    • I like how they also guarantee satisfaction or 30 day money back
Froothie Blender Optimum G2.6 Review 3
Stainless steel blades for wet and dry use

My first impression:

When I unpacked this high-speed blender, I was impressed by the weight of the base. With such a powerful engine, it is no real surprise. I like the new, sleek and minimalist design of the base.

The LED touch pad is an exciting new detail and I had to try all 6 pre-programmed settings. I appreciated that you can also set your own speed and time, especially after years of owning a blender where I was used to being able to change the speed myself.

Another nice feature is the adjustable blending time, which has 30 second steps up to 3 minutes. Really useful for those busy mornings or evenings where you throw something into the blender to blend, while doing something else on the side.

After a few different creations with my new Optimum G 2.1, I was really impressed by how strong it was. It seemed even stronger than my first blender, the Optimum 9400.

Froothie Blender Optimum G2.6 Review 4
Touch pad with LED display

And now, after using it for a few years?

I’m still very happy with my blender. I have used it on a daily basis for my usual wide array of vegan foods, like smoothies, sauces, nut mylks, nice cream, dips and spreads as well as raw cakes. It never failed me. In summer, when the weather was really hot, it managed to overheat a few times. But thanks to the auto switch off, it survived.

I still absolutely love the manual speed and timer setting. It makes life so much easier. I ended up avoiding the pre-programmed settings most of the time – old habits are hard to beat. The nice cream setting is pretty good though!

I did have an issue with the blender jug though. After a couple of years of heavy use the blades became a little loose. I managed to keep it going by manually tightening the blades but after a few months it wouldn’t work anymore and I had to purchase a new jug which was disappointing. Hopefully it was just a one off problem and the new one will keep going for a long time.

Froothie Blender Optimum G2.6 Review 5

My summary


  • A truly powerful blender that is a little more affordable than other brands. If you are looking into making lots of your own ice cream, mylks, cakes, sauces etc. it is worth investing into one. I can’t imagine life without it anymore.
  • Super easy to use and to clean.
  • Lots of helpful pre-programmed settings and manual options.


  • Like any powerful high-speed blender, it’s noisy. That’s just the way it is.
  • The LED has a blue light, which I rather avoid especially at night. I usually switch off the power point after using it.

All in all I’m super happy with this powerful life changer – it truly did change my life because this high-speed blender makes it super easy to create lots of vegan food. If you are looking into buying one, you can use my discount code*.

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*Affiliate Link – If you make a purchase through this link, I will earn a small percentage. the price won’t change for you. This way you support my work, thank you very much ­čÖé

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